Kinloch Castle, Isle of Rum (6 – 9 May 2011)

Sixteen club members attended an enjoyable weekend meet to the Kinloch Castle Hostel on the Isle of Rum – Andy, Malcolm, Elsie, John, Ailsa, Deirdre, Paul, Marion, DaveL., Kevin, Leslie, Cliff, Catriona, Chris, Iain and Morag. Thanks to Chris for organising the trip and the meal.

This man  >>>was conspiciously absent – no Munros in Rum? 

The weather was quite changeable from sunshine to thunder and lightning but despite the weather various ticks were obtained – Corbetts, Graham, Marilyns, HuMPs as well as five blood-sucking arachnids!.

Kinloch Castle:

Kinloch Castle:

Deirdre and Ailsa arrived on Rum a couple of days early and both ascended Hallival on Thursday.
Elsie and John also set off early for an initial trip to the Isle of Muck.

On Friday, Andy, Malcolm, Kevin, Chris, Leslie, Morag and Iain all set off for Mullach Mor (Marilyn).
Paul, Marion, Elsie and John all set off along nature trails.

Malcolm and Chris undertaking some optional scrambling en-route to Mullach Mor:

Kevin at the summit of Mullach Mor:

On Saturday, a variety of walks were undertaken.
– Leslie visited Kilmory beach, Sgaorishal (HuMP) and Fionchra (HuMP)
– Deirdre also visited Kilmory beach and went onto Mullach Mor (Marilyn)
– Elsie, John, Paul, Marion and Ailsa all also visited Kilmory beach
– Catriona climbed Hallival with Cliff, who went onto also ascend Askival (Corbett)
– Andy, Malcolm, Chris, Kevin, Iain, Morag and Dave set out together for the Rum Cuillin
– Dave, Iain and Morag ascended Askival and Ainshval
– Kevin ascended Askival and Trollaval
– Andy, Chris and Malcolm did the lot! – Barkeval, Hallival, Askival, Trollaval, Ainshval and Sgurr nan Gillean

Chris and Malcolm ascending Askival:

Traversing the tops of Trollaval:

Andy scrambling on Trollaval (Photo by Chris):

Malcolm on Trollaval (Photo by Chris):

Hallival and Askival from Trollaval (Photo by Chris):

Approaching thunder and lightning on Sgurr nan Gillean :

On Sunday, most attendees set out along the track from Kinloch towards Harris.
– Andy, Malcolm and Kevin left the track at Malcolm’s bridge to ascend Orval (Marilyn)
– Deirdre also ascended Orval a wee while later
– Chris and Leslie climbed Ard Nev and Bloodstone Hill as well as Orval (with Leslie also ascending Ruinsival).
– Most others visited the Mausoleum at Harris

Skye Cuillin from Orval:

Canna from summit of Orval:

On Sunday evening, everyone sat down to a fine meal in the castle consisting of Minestrone Soup, Venison Steaks and Millionaire’s Cheescake. Really good food enjoyed apparently by almost all .

On Monday, most attendees pottered about walking the nature trails, etc. Chris visited Kilmory beach.
Some left on the first sailing to visit the Isle of Canna before returning to Rum to pick up the others.

Elsie, John, Deirdre and Ailsa extended the trip to also visit the Isle of Eigg.