Muir Cottage, Inverey (26 – 28 November 2010)

Eight club members, one guest and three dogs made it along to Muir Cottage for what turned out to be a very enjoyable meet. Thanks to Deirdre, Chris, Iain, Morag, Stuart, Leslie, Ian, Jim, Beinn, Dancer and Romach for turning up, despite the snowy conditions.

On Friday, Andy drove over Glenshee and onto Dunkeld to ascend Newtyle Hill and Birnam Hill [King’s Seat].
The weather was lovely and the snow was minimal.

On Saturday,
– Chris and Leslie ascended the Graham, Creag Bhalg.
– Ian and Jim walked round to Linn of Dee and then along the road to Linn of Quoich and back to Muir.
– Andy and Beinn ascended Hill of Persie.
– Iain and Morag went cross-country skiing from Linn of Dee.
– Deirdre and Stuart also went for low-level walks.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties,
By 17:00, all nine attendees were back at Muir Cottage but were somewhat surprised that no-one else had arrived.
Andy checked his phone to discover a text advising that several others were no longer coming. Bit of a ‘poor show’ as the weather and conditions around Braemar were not that bad – members could easily have travelled to Braemar via Aberdeen, if necessary. Anyway, the ‘no shows’ ears must have been really burning as there was considerable displeasure directed at those who were meant to be providing the Haggis, Neeps and Tatties .

It was after 17:00, the butcher was closed, the shop in Braemar’s fridge was broken, what were the nine hungry attendees going to do? Thanks to Morag and others who came to the rescue and also special thanks to Elsie for providing the pot of soup, despite being unable to attend.

We sat down to a fine meal of:
Starter: Soup (thanks again Elsie), crisps, bread sticks and dips
Main Course: various cheeses and crackers
Dessert: fruit, cream and ice-cream.

All Burn’s Supper poems were abandoned, however, Deirdre did read out a fine poem.
Was nice to have several dogs attending with us and to sit down around the wood-burning stove having a nice chat and a wee dram.

On Sunday,
Andy headed-off nice and early but was held up by a tree. It didn’t take long for a JCB to break it up. Other attendees left an hour or so later after the ploughs had cleared the road.

Digging out:

Quote from Deirdre, “Come to TMC meets because just the travelling there and back is an adventure.”