Clachnaben & Kerloch (16 May 2010)

Attendees: Andy, Bob, Malcolm, Kevin, Leslie and Deirdre

An hour after setting off from Turriff, we arrived at the car park near Bridge of Dye.

Ready to go:

Clachnaben is not on any hill lists, as it doesn’t have the necessary drop to be a Marilyn, or even a Hump. It is however a nice hill with a really distinctive summit tor.

From the car park, we followed the track all the way to the summit. The track is really good quality, with bridges over the burns and stiles over the fences.


Clachnaben tor:

Quality path:

Looking back to Glen Dye:

Clachnaben tor:

We arrived at the summit tor 90 minutes after setting off. The tor has a straight-forward walk/easy scramble to the highest point. The nearby trig point is 10m lower than the tor.

On top of the summit tor:

On reaching the top, I set up anchors near the highest point on the tor. I then lowered off Club members one by one (similar to abseil but with myself in control of descent).





At the summit we were joined by a couple of visiting young Italians. Vittoria watched with enthusiasm and gratefully accepted the offer of having a go.




I then considered setting up a top rope to allow members to undertake an easy climb, however, it started to rain and hail so after some discussion we opted to descend Clachnaben and ascend Kerloch (a neighbouring Marilyn).

Looking towards trig point and distant Cairngorms from tor:

For the ascent of Kerloch we parked at 699917. There is a land-rover track almost all the way to the summit.

Was glad I didn’t have Beinn with me today as there were lots of cattle with calves at the start of the walk.

Start of walk through field with cattle:

Scolty hill:

Carn mon earn and Durris hill and transmitter:

Distant Aberdeen:

Looking across to Clachnaben and Mount Battock:

It took just 80 minutes to reach the summit. Group photo at summit cairn:

Banchory (Bennachie in background):

From the summit, we opted to descend along the edge of the forest. In hindsight, it would probably have been easier to return via the same route.

Route of descent:


Am Bothan, Leverburgh (7 – 10 May 2010)

Sixteen club members attended the weekend meet to Am Bothan in Leverburgh РAndy, Malcolm, Chris, Kevin, Gregor, Bob, Linda, Leslie, Michael, Paul, Marion, Elsie, John, Kathleen, Deirdre and Ailsa.

Andy, Bob and Malcolm set off a few days early for an initial trip to Skye, with Kasia joining in Skye.

On Monday, Andy, Bob, Malcolm and Kasia set out to climb Sgurr nan Gillean.
Unfortunately, owing to a fresh dump of snow overnight, the group had to turn back 50m or so from the summit.

Malcolm and Kasia ascending Sgurr nan Gillean, Skye:

Later that afternoon, Andy and Malcolm bumped into Chris and then all ascended Meall a’Mhaoil.

Chris and Andy at summit of Meall a’Mhaoil, Skye:

On Tuesday, Bob, Malcolm and Andy ascended the Graham Ben Aslak and the Marilyn Ben Tianavaig.

Bob ascending Ben Tianavaig:

On Wednesday, Bob, Malcolm and Andy undertook a trip to Raasay. On Raasay, Bob, Malcolm and Andy ascended Beinn na h-Iolaire and then Dun Caan. On return to Skye, Andy and Malcolm also ascended Beinn na Greine.

Andy, Bob and Malcolm at summit of Beinn na h-Iolaire (Rona in background):

Bob and Malcolm at misty summit of Dun Caan on Raasay:

On Thursday, Andy, Kevin, Gregor and Malcolm took the ferry over to Harris and ascended Clisham.

Kevin on Clisham ridge:

View from summit of Clisham:

On Friday, Andy, Kevin, Gregor, Chris and Malcolm ascended the Grahams Tirga Mor and Oreval. Bob ascended Clisham.

Gregor and Malcolm ascending Tirga Mor:

Sron Uladal:

View from summit of Cleiseabhal:

On Saturday, Andy, Malcolm, Chris, Kevin and Gregor ascended Ceapabhal. Andy and Malcolm also went on to ascend Greabhal. Leslie ascended Roineabhal, Bleabhal and Greabhal. Paul, Marion, Elsie, John, Michael, Kathleen and Ailsa ascended Clisham.

View from Ceapabhal:

Horgabost beach:

On Sunday, Andy, Malcolm, Chris and Kevin ascended Uisgnaval Mor. Andy, Malcolm and Chris then went on to ascend Teileasbhal and then Stulabhal. Leslie ascended Ceapabhal and Beinn Dhubh. Paul, Marion, Kathleen and Ailsa ascended Beinn Dhubh.

View from summit of Uisgnaval Mor:

Malcolm at summit of Stulaval:

Various low-level walks were also undertaken including trips to Luskentyre Beach, Horgabost Beach, Callanish Stones, Great Bernera, etc.

Stones at Callanish:

Possibly the best Turriff Hillwalking Club weekend meet yet!!!